Who is Lexonix Technologies?

Lexonix Technologies is the marketing arm of Advanced Technological Research Inc - ATRI. ATRI has been in the business of helping customers address their batch and I/O subsystem performance needs for over 19 years.

ATRI got its start addressing the needs of customers with complicated and poorly performing batch systems. Often the customer had no documentation and the complexities of the inter-task relationships presented a wall to resolving slow running systems that were daily holding up their processing schedule.

Our first offering was the Batch Analysis Service, a service we still offer, to help customers understand and resolve the most complicated batch problems. We have evolved from a service-only company to one that offers both products and new services spanning our customer's critical batch and I/O subsystem performance needs.

With the release of its first product, VisiTrac, ATRI established the marketing brand of "Lexonix Technologies" under which its products and services are now sold.

Who are our Customers?

Our customers represent a wide variety of Fortune 500 and 100 companies, including international firms based both in the US and abroad. These companies include Banks, Insurance firms, Utilities, Manufacturers and many others.