Batch Analysis Service

The Batch Analysis Service provided by Lexonix Technologies is an in-depth consulting service through which customer performance data is collected and used to tune the customer's most troubled System Z batch cycles. Lexonix has offered this service for more than twenty years and over that time period our customers have been some of the largest Fortune 100 companies. Results from the Batch Analysis Service have routinely saved our clients 20 - 74 percent of their original batch cycle elapsed time.

The service operates in the following manner:

  1. Specific performance data is collected via a Lexonix data collection tool from SMF data files representing the target batch cycle run. The extracted data is then sent to Lexonix Technologies for processing.

  2. Lexonix Technologies performs an in-depth analysis of the data using an internal tool which quickly breaks down the data to identify critical path and individual task and file activity data. Through this tool we can locate problem components of tasks, files and processes including scheduling conflicts and delays.

  3. A detailed report is produced identifying the cycle, its critical path and a before and after view of the overall process flowchart. Lexonix then comes out to the customer site to present its findings which include detailed recommendations on improvements needed and savings expected.

The Batch Analysis Service is a great way to quickly find savings in both elapsed time and resource consumption for your most problematic batch cycles. Turn-around time is no more than six weeks with many projects requiring just two to three weeks from data delivery to report production.

If you're looking for extra time in your Batch Cycle to:

  • Keep online systems up longer
  • Take on more work
  • Avoid a hardware upgrade

Then the Lexonix Batch Analysis Service may be just what you need!

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