Products from Lexonix Technologies

Lexonix Technologies has a collection of products that help you analyze, document, model and track your most complicated batch systems. Our product line grew out of our years of experience offering services aiding customer in tuning their most complicated batch and I/O performance problems. The product line's evolution has been a direct response to customer requests.

VisiTrac� puts you in control of the most complicated and distributed Batch Cycles with full support for tracking, documenting, evaluating, modeling and improving the performance of your batch systems from a single desktop environment.

VisiTrac/Real Time Monitor� extends the basic capabilities of VisiTrac� from a history-only report and modeling tool to a real time view of your work as it executes. Through this component you get a high-level summary of how each of your processes are executing. As the work runs, updates are applied to the predicted end time and that calculated time is compared to your SLA target end time to determine the process' general status -- On-Time, Jeopardy, or Late. You can also drill-down into the process flowchart and watch each task execute with immediate notification of tasks that are waiting, running, finished, abending and many other status indicators.

IBSAT� Coming Soon!  Customer Asked and we responded.  Please ask us about IBSAT.  29 years in development! Used in over 50 Fortune 500 customers!

ATRIBASE Arguably the most advanced database of its kind.  A Keyless Key portable and distributable database (distribute across platforms and access as one.

z/Desktop  Finally! Assemble System Z object code on the PC and load and run on the mainframe.  Advanced Debug IDE allows testing assembler code live!