VisiTractm Real Time Monitor (RTM) Component

Version 9.3


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What is VisiTrac/RTM at a Glance?

VisiTrac/RTM uses the same desktop interface as the basic product, but enhances the information presented with real time status. Status is reported at both the task and overall process level with constant updates to the predicted end time of the entire system of work.

The product is distributed as an add-on component of the VisiTrac/Basic product. VisiTrac/RTM uses the download (report) file produced by the basic product as input to any monitoring session.

Multiple Desktop Environments can be defined on as many as 255 Tabs.

New (V9.3) Autostart Feature allows the optional automatic loading of the latest download files specific for the environments definied.

VisiTrac/RTM builds on the historical reports created by VisiTrac/Basic by allowing the user to directly monitor an active process as it runs.

 The key requirement for the basic product is to provide RTM with a model of how the process normally executes. RTM uses the model flowchart to predict future timings of tasks not yet run based on the average start and run times as calculated by the VisiTrac/Basic product.  Tasks that require special attention are displayed with the most urgent sorting to the top of the display.

The base product provides extensive criteria to identify not only individual process collections of jobs, but also specific instances of each process based on when and/or how any particular instance of a process executes. Heuristic modeling provides the ability to distinguish versions of the same process allows VisiTrac/RTM to provide a highly accurate model of how any version normally runs.

At the process level the product constantly updates the expected end time of the overall collection of tasks. If a Target End Time is provided then RTM will also grade the current execution, comparing the predicted end time to the desired target end time and summarize status as on-time, in jeopardy or late.

The basic flowchart view is augmented by adding status changes like waiting, running, stalled and finished with any basic exception status.

A powerful additional status provided at both the process and task level of display is the concept of work being stalled. A stalled process is one where some critical path task has been waiting longer than a user defined threshold after all dependencies have been resolved. Stalled processes are noted on the process-level display. The stalled task is specifically identified on the flowchart view.

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Who Needs RTM?

VisiTrac/RTM is ideal for:

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The Active RTM Displays

VisiTrac/RTM provides a real-time view of your processes as they transition from waiting, to running, to finished status. Along the way the monitor is constantly posting status updates, re-calculating the critical path and maintaining a constant prediction of the ultimate process-level end time.

There are two primary displays provided with constant process updates. These displays are essentially the same displays seen in the basic product, but enhanced with real-time status updates and some additional, active status details.

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How does VisiTrac/RTMtm Work?

VisiTrac/RTM is an add-on component to our VisiTrac/Basic product -- version 8.0 and later. VisiTrac/RTM uses process data produced by the basic product to initiate the monitoring of any active process, real time, as it runs.

The RTM component relies on the Basic product's output for a guide to how the process usually runs. It then integrates this "road map" with real time execution data collected from system monitoring agents running on each batch processing server. Active reports on process status are displayed through the same desktop viewer delivered with the VisiTrac/Basic product so use of the add-on component is intuitive and fully integrated.

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