Maintenance Packages for VisiTrac/Basic Version 9.2

Maintenance packages that are available for V9.2 are found below with the most recent maintenance package listed first. Download the Maintenance package you select by clicking on the "Download Maintenance Package x" hyperlink.

V920 Download Maintenance Package 1

MVS Modules Assembly Date: 08/22/2013 ( 22 August 2013 )
Desktop EXE Version is 9.2.1

This maintenance package addresses the following issues and/or updates:

The download package is a self-extracting zip archive. It contains a README file with detailed instructions on installation. To access the README file:

  1. Download the Maintenance Package by clicking Package 1 above or below.
  2. Execute the download VisiTrac-V920-MP1.EXE file which will:

    a. Add a Windows folder as "C:\VisiTrac920MP1"
    b. Extract the files to this new folder
    c. Call NotePad to display the contents of the ReadMe file enclosed which provides additional information on installation.

  3. Review the README file for detail installation instructions.

Click here to start the download of V920 Maintenance Package 1